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How get it

pqChecker is free & opensource software.It's licensed under the GNU GPL v3+ license.

There are binary installation packages for Debian/Ubuntu & RedHat/CentOS systems, to download from the download section of this website.

The source code of the latest stable release is also available in the download section. The history of the source code is available to anonymous download on The Bitbucket platform.

git clone https://bitbucket.org/ameddeb/pqchecker.git

How to install from binary packages

This is available for Debian/Ubuntu & Redhat/CentOS and compliants systems. The installation procedure is done through the dpkg or rpm utility. The detailed instructions for the installation are given in the README file which accompanies the binary files. Especially:

sudo dpkg -i pqcheckerxxxxxxx.deb
sudo rpm -iv pqcheckerxxxxxxx.rpm # Install pqChecker

sudo dpkg -r pqchecker
sudo rpm -ev pqchecker # Uninstall it

Security warning: Due to the sensitivity of the data accessed by this software component, never install a binary package whose origin is unknown.

How to install from source code

Available for any POSIX compliant system. The tools of software's build must be installed on the target system: The C compiler, Make utility and the system C header files. The Java JDK 1.8+ is needed also, because of the use of JNI.

Obtain the source archive of the target version, or get them from the Git source repository.

git tag # lists all the available stable releases
git checkout v2.0.0 # provides the sources of this stable version

The INSTALL file contains all the instructions to complete this operation. Especially:

./configure xxxx xxxx xxxx # prepares the build of pqChecker in compliance with the target system
sudo make install # allows pqChecker installation
sudo make uninstall # allows its uninstallation