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artemis container

Daughter of Zeus the supreme God and twin sister of Apollo the God of the sun and light, Artemis is the goddess of hunting according to Greek mythology.

artemis container According to the Apache software foundation, Artemis is a powerful message oriented middleware (MoM) who delivers outstanding performance. It is build to multi-protocol with full feature set expected in any serious messaging system. His high availability with automatic client failover feature guarantees zero message loss or duplication in event of server failure. Artemis is horizontally scalable with clusters of servers that know how to load balance messages.

Operating environment
artemis container This Container image is designed to easy operate on a clustering tool like Docker Swarm or Kubernetes. Ideally it should be deployed as one container per node. A such system provides:
  • Highly secured data flow over SSL/TLS with two way client authentication provided by 61616 TCP port on every involved node.
  • Automatic service discovery provided by 9876 UDP multicast port on every involved node.
  • Flexible configuration management with possible 0 downtime, including update of configuration files, certificates keystores and credentials.
  • High availability, automatic client failover and horizontal scalability guaranteed including down and up scaling.

The source code of this Docker image is free and opensource. It is licensed under the Apache license 2.0.

Latest stable: 1.0